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The process of painting a new construction home involves more than just painting. Here is a bit of insight into the interior painting process of a new construction home.


We arrive on the scene once the plumbing and electrical have been run through the house and the drywall work has been completed. All the mudding of the walls and sanding has been done by the drywallers. They have also completed any texturing of ceilings.


At this point no other installations have been put into the house, such as flooring, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, toilets, light switches, light fixtures and closet installations of any kind. We have full access to spray paint without having to worry about getting it on anything. We spray a primer and two coats of flat ceiling paint onto smooth non-textured ceilings.

After the primer, a light sanding is done to the overall wall surfaces before any other paint is applied to ensure a smooth finish. We then apply the first coat of colour. Cut-ins are done next to the ceiling line and any other necessary areas. Then we spray or roll all surfaces with your choice of colours!

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